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Why Does the Right Surface Matter?

Most commercial construction utilizes tile for durability and supposed ease of cleaning. But how well can you really clean it? The tile itself is a usually a nice smooth surface, of course. The grout in between, however...not so much. 

Serratia marcescens is a forgotten but ubiquitous bacterium that can produce a red pigment called prodigiosin and likes to hang out as a pink film in the shower grout and toilet bowls of less-than-scrupulously clean homes.

...the bacterium has been widely found to be an opportunistic human pathogen, capitalizing on its prowess in forming tight-knit surface communities called biofilms wherever it can. It infects urethras through catheters, lungs via respirators, and premature babies by way of hospital caregivers. S. marcescens turns out to be one of the top 10 causes of all hospital-acquired respiratory, neonatal and surgical infections, said Robert Shanks, associate professor of ophthalmology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, who studies S. marcescens. [SOURCE]

How Our Surface Refinishing Can Help

Refinishing tile surfaces creates a smooth uniform surface. There is no longer any exposed grout to absorb and hold dampness, a necessary component for microbial growth. 

Relying on grout sealers that need re-application may not be the best choice due to the toxicity of these products [See here].

Furthermore, the costs involved for hiring a professional for application can certainly add up. Our durable product is applied ONCE and lasts for YEARS.

Hiring New Life Surfaces is a smart choice in more ways than one:

Protect your patients and customers

Make cleaning easier

Beautify and update 

Long term cost savings

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